Converting waste Oil to a high grade usable Diesel Fuel

GNP (Great Northern Processing) began as a dream back in 1990 and by 1993 we had developed the first full scale commercial production facility in the World.

Our first plant was in Huntington, Indiana USA. we have since licensed operational plants in Belgium and Malaysia.

We formed a strategic partnership with  Aldwich, one of the world’s leading design and build Waste oil producers in the World with exclusive licensing and marketing rights to the GNP process.

“From over 40 licensed waste oil recovery facilities in Malaysia, only one – ALDWICH – converts waste oil into diesel fuel.”

Our plant is a refinery-caliber plant for processing waste oil and other hydrocarbons to value added products, primarily a middle distillate diesel conforming to ISO 8217 specification (grade DMA) for marine fuels.

International Standards in Environment Protection

The highest environmental standards have been implemented at ALDWICH’s Recycling Complex in Teluk Kalung. Our process design, housekeeping and site management practices meet international oil and gas standards. We have successfully passed stringent audits by world-renowned companies such as the Malaysian national oil company, PETRONAS.

Our process actually converts the base oil to gasoil resulting in an easily marketable commodity product that does not face the market barriers that other recycling options’ products do. Our process ensures that waste oil is effectively converted and distilled into clean reusable high value gasoil.

Commercially proven technology

Our Waste Oil to Diesel Plant, which is 3rd of its kind in the world, is designed to process a range of hydrocarbons, utilizing licensed technology from:

Our Waste Oil to Diesel Plant, which is 3rd of its kind in the world, is designed to process a range of hydrocarbons, utilizing licensed technology from:

This licensed technology is developed from CANMET Energy Technology Center – a research arm of the Canadian Government. An after-treatment process that stabilizes middle distillates and purifies them also removing some sulphur and nitrogen compounds to produce ISO 8217 Marine Gasoil Grade DMA.

Our technology offers a market-based approach to waste oil recycling whilst offering environmental benefits common with the best of other options.

The technology is known and proven, the markets for products exist; the only component required is a secure and reliable source of waste oil of minimum 30,000 tonnes per year. Interested parties with such waste oil quantities available are invited to contact our marketing representative Mr. Don Kress at

We are able to manage and recover products from:

Used Engine Crankcase Motor Oil
Used Gear Oil
Used Thermal Oil
Used Transformer oils
Used Lubricants used in Industrial Applications
Used Mineral Oil, Dielectric Fluids used in Transformers and Capacitors
Slop Crude Oil

Products derived from processing waste oil are:

Asphalt extender

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