With 1,000 thunderstorms occurring on our planet at any given time, did you know that lightning…
  • Hits the earth 100 times per second
  • Averages at 6 miles long
  • Can induce transient voltages into equipment
  • Ranges into billions of volts
  • and may reach up to 50,000F

Although it is difficult to calculate an accurate value, it is estimated that millions of dollars are spent each year repairing or replacing electronic equipment damaged by transients generated by lightning strikes.

What is “Cascading” Surge Protection?

The best option to protect your sensitive electronic equipment from damage by transients is to install “cascaded” surge protection. Cascading is the term used to describe the method of combining several levels of surge protection into one installation. This takes advantage of the best features of each device to improve the overall protection level for the equipment. It is best to install a surge protection device with high surge current capacity at the origin of the installation.

Any residual voltage resulting from the initial surge protection device can be dealt with by the second and third device located closer to the unit being protected. A single SPD, no matter how big or expensive, will not provide the same level of protection.


Protect equipment from malfunctions due to conducted interference.

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The HE277 Surge Arrestor has designed specifically for the highway lighting industry.

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GNP100K – 277

Frequent cause of electrical/electronic equipment failure is AC power line surges.

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LED Pro 277

Designed to provide protection to LED driver assemblies from harmful transients.

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