Businesses can choose from an extensive line of GNP Energy retrofit applications, including:

  • Street Light Heads
  • Parking Lot Heads
  • High Bay & Low Bay Fixtures
  • Wall Packs
  • Bollards
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GNP Energy 24V Solar

Our LED processor carefully manages the voltage and current driving the LED devices, controlling power spikes and maintaining LED longevity.

GNP Energy addresses the need for Sustainability and Renewable Energy for our communities, we therefore have designed our LED product to simply retrofit energy-inefficient, maintenance-intensive, HID vapor lighting fixtures while leveraging existing light poles, heads, casing and wiring.

Customers can upgrade their existing HID Pole lighting applications to LED with no waste and minimal incremental cost. If new poles are needed, we can supply a complete stand alone system including new, Hurricane designed poles for simple and fast take down before a storm.

GNP Energy software and hardware infrastructure extends the light quality and reliability of LED lighting technology, provides voltage balancing, and allows for fixture-by-fixture programability.

GNP Energy Solar gives facility managers the ability to program illumination levels for each fixture based on clock time,
motion detection, ambient light levels, temperature and solar storage availability thereby increasing businesses’ ability to provide enhanced security for their customers and raise and lower illumination levels as needed in order to reap energy savings.

Our unique processor provides the intelligent interface between the solar battery, sensor and LED and the lighting application, ensuring the fixture’s optimal use of solar power while maintaining 100% reliability.

GNP Energy is pleased to offer a complete lighting solution that comes packaged as one complete kit, to help take the mystery out of solar powered ( Stand Alone) off-grid, lighting applications.

With this system properly installed, there is NO connection to an external power source, and NO utility bill to keep your outdoor pole lighting running from dusk to dawn. The daylight sun supplies all the required energy, and does it silently, and safely for many years to come.

Sustainable Outdoor Solar/LED Lighting

By using the latest technologies in solar panel, power storage, along with advanced LED lighting systems and on-board controls, we are able to produce a system that will deliver up to 5 days autonomy (Days when there is no/little sunshine) to keep your areas at light levels that meet or exceed your current code or expectations.

Please contact your local GNP Energy sales representative for more information, or contact our energy management division via e-mail at:

LED engine technology has come a long way in the last few years. We are using a proprietary system in our solar package that we feel is the BEST possible solution for this application. We use two separate LED heads in one fixture to spread the light evenly on the ground below. This allows us to use less wattage, and provide a longer life cycle of the system.
Our solar panels are the most efficient available on the market today. We keep our system simple, by employing a single high wattage module to keep the weight down, and minimize wind loading. Depending on the mounting option you choose, we can achieve wind speed ratings up to 130 MPH.
Batteries are the heart & core of any off-grid renewable energy system, and we take them seriously. We build our system using solar-specific AGM batteries for long life and exceptional performance.
Made in USA compliant. May be eligible for rebates/incentives. (Both federal & local)
25 year warranty on solar module.

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