Smart Lights Maximize Savings

GNP Energy Micro Sensor Smart lights are programable to react instantly to movement and changes in light. Programable in the field to automatically idol down to 10, 20, 30% when nobody is present, to maximize savings when not needed. This allows over 90% energy savings and works great for Parking garages, Staircases and other areas with long run times. These are the best solution in the market and with low cost can pay for themselves in less than 1 year!

Micro-sensor Motion control

Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on DIP switches to fit precisely each application.
DayLight Sensor can be set to only allow the lamp to illuminate below a defined ambient brightness threshold.
When set to disable mode,the daylight sensor will switch on the lamp when motion is detected regardless of ambient light level.
50 lux, 30 lux: twilight operation; 10 lux, 5 lux:darkness operation only.

Full Dimming Sensor Spec PDF

Available Motion Sensor Light Fixtures

LED-SF Series

LED Vapor Tight light

LED-YPC Series

LED Linear Light

LED-FPC-D Series

LED Linear Light

LED-FPC-S Series

LED Linear Light

LED-X Series

LED Outdoor Waterproof


LED Suspended Linear Light

LED-BG Series

LED Suspended Linear Light

LED-BPC-D Series

LED Linear Light

LED-BPC-S Series

LED Linear Light

WPC Series

LED Batten

GNP SPS Series

LED Linear


SMD Design, performs superior lighting effect.

Full Spec PDF
ETL Listed

Replaces maintenance and energy intensive fixtures.

Full Spec PDF
Linear VTF

Replaces maintenance and energy intensive fixtures.

Full Spec PDF

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