Solstice LED HID Retrofit - USA MADE

yoke mount with optics

           GNP5400 with 4 power settings, Field programmable.

GNP LED Application guide

Whether your business is a warehouse, car dealerships, parking lots, a retail center closed for most of the night, a parking garage, or an advertising sign, most likely your HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lights are the majority of your lighting costs.  Typical life spans of your current HID bulbs range from 12,000-20,000 hours.  From the clients we have worked with, especially the car dealerships, they are replacing components almost each bulb every year; whether it's the bulb, the ballast, or the capacitor.  Each time costing them a service charge to get up the pole and maintain the light.

This Solstice is truly an AMAZING piece of engineering!  Invented by an American, Made entirely in the USA, with American engineered components, and assembled by Americans. It is UL approved for field retrofit of existing fixtures and DLC listed for rebates, GNPSOL5400 and GNP2700M.

This light mounts directly into your existing light fixture and utilizes your facility's wiring.  We can replace your existing Sodium High Pressure, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor light with the Solstice LED and reduce your lighting consumption by 70-80%.  The Solstice unit carries a 100,000+ hour life with independent testing proving a 200,000 hour life span.

If your facility has HID lighting, we have a Solstice that is right for the retrofit.  The  GNP2700M unit replaces 50W-175W light bulbs, where the 5400 unit replaces 70-1500W.  In fact, we have a selector switch on-board each of our lights that allows us to select the amount of light we want to produce.  We can utilize multiple Solstice units to increase the light output to match up to 1,500 watts!

For example: Your parking lot is lit with 400W metal halide bulbs, we will replace these with the GNPSOL5400 LED.  We light the parking lot with you there, the selector switch set on 94W, (true lumen for lumen retrofit).  You say to us, "WOW, how can I save more?"  We go up the pole and select the switch from 98W to 88W.  This process could then lead down to 68W or 54W!  "Not enough light there..." you say, "Can you put it back bright?"  In about 5 minutes, we have proven equal lighting and then saved you much more than expected.

Additionally, we can custom program each Solstice unit to operate at various percentage output for different periods of the night.  If you own a shopping center that only needs 100% output for the first 5 hours of the night and the last 1 hour for security.  But the 6 hours in the middle of the night, you could live with 50% output to conserve consumption. 


How long is 100,000 hours?
Based on how long a fixture is illuminated per day, here's what 100,000 works out to:                                                      

Hours of Operation:  100,000 hours is:
24 hours a day            11.4 years
18 hours per day         14.8 years
12 hours per day         22.8 years
8 hours per day           34.2 years

Our Smart-Driver Technology equips us with drivers that individually measure over-current, under-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, the operating temperature, and the individual LED chip color.  This ability to keep all chips operating with the same color light from Day 1.  Our programming utilizes a Safety Mode that shuts down half the chips to both alert us to a problem as well as protect the circuitry.How many gas stations, parking garages, street lights do you drive past that none of the bulbs match each other?  This is evidence that the lights and the components are degrading at different rates.  Our Solstice Units will never let this happen, it's in their programming and engineering.

The Solstice LED light is programmed with a 3-stage Soft Start start-up system whereby the current is fed and monitored in 3 easy levels to protect the chips, modify color and extend the life of the components.  Additionally, the LED chips are all wired in parallel design where they all receive equal electrical current at same time.  Other LED lights on the market place their chips in series where the first LED chip of the Daisy-chain is hit by all the current every night.

The #1 enemy of electronics is heat.  Heat degrades the components over time.  Our Solstice LED head is engineered to dissipate heat two ways.  First, through the 7-layer copper heat-sink, heat is removed from the LED board and channeled away.  Secondly, a MAGLEV 100,000 hour cooling fan is mounted to the rear of the unit to circulate air within the fixture.  This can properly maintain an operating temperature 25 degrees cooler than competitors.  These cooling measures translate directly into life spans more than twice as long.  200,000 hours are now within reach!

GNP Energy 24V Solar Retrofit

GNP Energy addresses the need for Sustainability and Renewable Energy for our communities, we therefore have designed our LED product to simply retrofit energy-inefficient, maintenance-intensive, HID vapor lighting fixtures while leveraging existing light poles, heads, casing and wiring.

Customers can upgrade their existing HID Pole lighting applications to LED with no waste and minimal incremental cost. If new poles are needed, we can supply a complete stand alone system including new, Hurricane designed poles for simple and fast take down before a storm.
Businesses can choose from an extensive line of GNP Energy retrofit applications, including:
  • Street Light Heads
  • Parking Lot Heads
  • High Bay & Low Bay Fixtures
  • Wall Packs
  • Bollards
GNP Energy software and hardware infrastructure extends the light quality and reliability of LED lighting technology, provides voltage balancing, and allows for fixture-by-fixture programability.

GNP Energy Solar gives facility managers the ability to program illumination levels for each fixture based on clock time,
motion detection, ambient light levels, temperature and solar storage availability thereby increasing businesses' ability to provide enhanced security for their customers and raise and lower illumination levels as needed in order to reap energy savings.

Our unique processor provides the intelligent interface between the solar battery, sensor and LED and the lighting application, ensuring the fixture's optimal use of solar power while maintaining 100% reliability.

Our LED processor carefully manages the voltage and current driving the LED devices, controlling power spikes and maintaining LED longevity.

LED Shoebox Retrofit

  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80%.                                                                                          
  • Maintenance free operation – Eliminate your maintenance budget for up to 50 years.
  • Super Bright White Light, No UV or IR, reduces air conditioning loads in indoor applications for Showrooms and Service Areas
  • Unique design puts the light where you want it.
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials.

HID Equiv. Watts Watts Used
100W 27W
250W 74W
400W 93W

16" LED High Bay

  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80%.
  • Maintenance free operation - lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional lighting
  • Cool beam- No UV or IR, reduces air conditioning loads.
  • Unique design with anodized silver housing for cooler operation and extended lamp life.
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials.
We replaced a 1000w MH Highbay with our retrofit. We reduced their consumption from 1100 W to 250w! We also increased their foot-candles on the ground by nearly 20%!

HID Equiv. Watts Watts Used
100W 27W
250W 74W
400W 93W
1000W 270W

Post Top Retrofit

Post Top Street Lights Miami Post Top Retrofit 54W Post Top Street Lights

Garage Light Retrofit    

HID Equiv. Watts Watts Used
100W 27W
250W 74W
400W 93W

Garage Light Retrofit Gardco GP1 Retrofit Retrofit existing
Gardco GP1 Lighting Fixtures or equivalent.

Recessed Hi Hat Fixtures

Recessed Hi Hat Fixtures Recessed by Picture

High Bay Retrofit Kit

HiBay LED in Fixture

HiBay LED Retrofit (Double 48W available) HiBay LED in Reflector

10 Year Warranty included. Ask your representative for details.