On Board Microprocessor

GNP Energy’s on board microprocessor is a simple solution for flexible and intelligent High Brightness LED control. Whether driving single or multiple strings of LED’s, remote interface or monitoring- you can be assured of optimal LED control over wide ranges of operating temperatures and environments.

LED Smart Driver Design

Our LED Smart Driver Design is a microcontroller based system utilizing software refined over years of lab and field testing. Originally developed in 2004 due to the lack of suitable LED driver components, the first product was a single six LED string current controller. Over 10,000 units were sold and are still operating today. From this simple single LED string controller we have advanced to a multiple LED string controller with interface and remote monitoring capabilities.

How long is 100,000 hours?

Based on how long a fixture is illuminated per day, here’s what 100,000 works out to:

Hours of Operation:

24 hours a day
18 hours per day
12 hours per day
8 hours per day

100,000 hours is:

11.4 years
14.8 years
22.8 years
34.2 years

LED Smart Driver

LEDs in parallel are notoriously poor at sharing current. Small mismatches in forward voltage and dynamic resistance can result in large imbalances in current from string to string. As LED slug temperature increases the imbalances increase. The difference in light output from the hottest string may not be noticeable but the lifetime and lumen maintenance decreases.

Our LED Smart Driver provides current regulation for each individual string of LED’s using buck mode PWM control with high side current sense. Current accuracy over the LED operating temperature range is +/- 3%. Modular design enables scalability of the number of LED strings. Isolation of the high current switching from the microcontroller eliminates the feedback in and around the microcontroller package. This feedback causes poor current regulation and inconsistent performance in integrated LED Driver IC solutions. Compact design of the driver combined with advanced thermal management technology allows the driver and LED’s to share the same PCB.

Led Smart Driver Remote Monitoring:

Remote monitoring of the LED Smart Driver can be achieved using any of the bidirectional interface methods listed above. System health, performance and operational data can be sent to a remote base.

Led Smart Driver Interface:
  • 0-10 V Dimming
  • DALI
  • RS-232
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Wireless
Led Smart Driver Software Features:
  • Multiple temperature control values.
  • Under voltage lockout for power off or brownout.
  • Soft start.
  • User selectable current.
  • Operation time/date control
  • Fan operation
  • Dimming
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Occupancy sensing