GNP Energy through our strategic partnerships proudly markets USA Manufactured  sophisticated microprocessor controlled LED products. We provide "off the shelf" DLC Listed, UL LED field Retrofit Kits (without the added expense of changing the whole fixture) and also new LED Fixtures with 100,000 hour rating or more ( 15-30 Years) almost twice the hours of most competitors.  We back your investment with our industry best 10 Year Warranty!

Our patent pending Retrofit Kits convert existing HID and Fluorescent light fixtures into ultra long lasting maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures. Typically Reduce energy consumption 70%-90% for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal lighting applications, which can save thousands monthly on electric and maintenance costs. With an average ROI of only 24 months and our available Free Retrofit using GNP Energy LED Green Savings Purchase Program , you can start saving today for a brighter more profitable green future. We also secure your investment with our Green Savings Performance Guarantee we make your LED lighting technology switch secure and affordable. No matter which type of fixture, high bays, cobra heads, wall packs, ceilings, parking lots, even high mast and sports lights. We can retrofit 98% of existing fixtures into new high efficiency long lasting LED. From 50 watt to 175W with our GNP2700M minis, and 200W-1500W with our GNPSOL5400 and the ease of only 2 products that replace dozens of different wattage with the flip of a switch on our DLC listed units. We also have full lines of linear DLC Listed LED tubes and bulbs of every type to take care of all your lighting needs, we can retrofit your facility inside out. We will perform a lighting energy audit which will clearly show how much you can save, even applying the numerous rebate incentives and tax credits available for your project, which makes now the time to move forward and start enjoying your new energy saving future.

GNP Energy is changing the way the World is Lit.

For our municipal clients, cities, counties, schools, library and park districts, even hospitals make sure to check out our easy no bid system with our TIPS/TAPS purchasing COOP contract. you can enjoy the price benefits of large nationwide buying power, and be assured  of best pricing. You can issue a PO. and meet all your bidding requirements saving you time, money, frustration. Check with us to see if you qualify for our special no payment for a year and 0% financing offer.
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                                                                                                                                                                                                               DLC listed GNPSOL5400 & GNPSOL2700M

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